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Brea Used To Do Adult Film

brea is ready for the sunHey there friends. I am glad you popped in to learn more about me! I'm guessing you were interested in learning why a porn star would do what she did and how she got out of the business. My name is Brea (my adult film name, however, was different). I want to tell my story and hope that it helps you decide to book a date with me! 

How I Got Started

I have always been into entertainment, and I found that adult film was an easy way for me to expand on my experiences. I took acting classes in high school and did some college, but didn't ever go to an acting school. Because of this, I had trouble finding work. I had moved to California because that is where you have a chance of getting something, anything, that might make you a star in the future. Well, I happened to stumble upon adult acting through a friend. He told me what would be expected of me and I thought, "why not?" and called the business hiring. I had an interview and when they saw my appearance, they told me I was a definite in. I was so excited...this was my big break!

What Was Expected Of Me

It is difficult to act on demand with people watching you try to do something that is meant to be intimate. You need to zone them out and focus on the other people you are acting with and pretend you aren't being filmed at all. It is very, very difficult. You have makeup fixings and lighting adjustments and just when you get into the scene you are working on, you are told to stop. Then you need to do the whole thing over again. it was frustrating for me. I felt like I could do better. While I did get experience in how to act, I felt like I was sharing way too much of myself with people. This is why I stopped and turned to escorting.

I Love What I Do Now

With escorting, I have the opportunity to focus upon one person at a time without others watching exactly what I am doing. All my attention is on my client and no one gets in the way. Also, there are some things that I would like to keep private rather than putting it out there for just anyone to observe. I do have a lot of experience with intimacy because of my prior job...however, I felt that it wasn't used in the right way. No one was really benefiting from my performance other than people watching it at home. I didn't get to see the end result. With escorting, I know how my client feels. I can see when I make a client feel good about themselves. I know what makes men happy and I get feedback in a verbal form instead of with fan mail. I hope this offers you some insight on a porn star's expectations. Please reach out and let's get to know each other!