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Tabitha The Tease

tabitha fun vegas strippersDo you enjoy being teased? Do you find flirtation exceptionally exciting? If so, a date with me is what you need to book....right away! I'm Tabitha and I have a knack of keeping my guys hanging on, wondering what trick I will pull next. I find that teasing is so sexy and that it leads to great endings. I recently had a date with a client who asked me specifically for teasing. Here is how it went.

I Teased From The Very Start

When my client indicated he would like me to tease him throughout our date, I was kind of surprised. Many guys like teasing, but not to the point that it goes on and on. There's got to be a definite reward waiting to be able to endure that! To each his own though! I knew I'd have to dress up in an outfit made to tease like a champion. How about a short-skirted dress that could be easily moved to the side to show my long legs at every opportunity possible? Maybe even a show of something more? That's perfect. Also a low cut blouse perfect for bending down in front of my client whenever I could. That will work!

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Felicia Is A Sucker For A Vegas Show

felicia escorts las vegasAs an escort, I have had so many interesting experiences with my clients. I have been wined and dined, gone out to some of the best nightclubs in the area, and played at most of the casinos Vegas has to offer. With all of these fine opportunities, I found that my absolute favorite is when I have been invited to take in shows. My name is Felicia, and I am an entertainment junkie! If you enjoy going to shows, here is what you'll enjoy with me by your side!

You'll Enjoy My Appearance 

I love dressing up for special events and shows make it possible to do so! With so many types of shows in the area, I always keep a variety of clothing options at my disposal, so I always have something ready to put on when the right date comes along. I'll be the one that makes you look good no matter where we decide to go. I tend to turn to outfits with some shimmer and I add plenty of bling with the accessories I select. Top it all off with a sexy pair of stilettos and you know I'll be turning heads! Don't worry though, my focus is all upon you. After all, you are the one bringing me to the show and I want you to be happy with my companionship!

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Rachel Really Goes All In On The Porn Star Experience

rachel girlfriend experience las vegasWhy hello! I'm so glad you stopped by! My name is Rachel and I am an escort for hire who is really into pretending I'm a porn star. Yeah, I know, it seems a bit different, but let me tell you, my clients really get in on the action. Here's what you'll experience if you book a date with me or one of my coworkers!

The Look You Have Come To Love

If you regularly watch porn yourself, you know the look the stars tend to have. The sexy clothing, the extreme make-up, and the interesting hairdos. When you hire one of our escorts, you'll get that exact same look sent your way if you desire. Take a look at the many escorts we have available and pick out the one you think you'd like to see completely unclothed. You may have to use your imagination as not all of our escorts provided nudes for their profiles. You'll be anticipating your dates arrival as soon as you book your session. We promise...she's worth the wait!

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Brea Used To Do Adult Film

brea is ready for the sunHey there friends. I am glad you popped in to learn more about me! I'm guessing you were interested in learning why a porn star would do what she did and how she got out of the business. My name is Brea (my adult film name, however, was different). I want to tell my story and hope that it helps you decide to book a date with me! 

How I Got Started

I have always been into entertainment, and I found that adult film was an easy way for me to expand on my experiences. I took acting classes in high school and did some college, but didn't ever go to an acting school. Because of this, I had trouble finding work. I had moved to California because that is where you have a chance of getting something, anything, that might make you a star in the future. Well, I happened to stumble upon adult acting through a friend. He told me what would be expected of me and I thought, "why not?" and called the business hiring. I had an interview and when they saw my appearance, they told me I was a definite in. I was so excited...this was my big break!

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How We Can Fill Your Vegas Winter With Hot Nights And Warm Memories

brandy escorts of sin cityHas the cooler temperatures made you feel a bit down compared to the summer months? Are you looking for something fun to do but aren't sure where to turn? Do you want the companionship of a pretty woman but also don't know where to turn for that? We have you covered! Read on to find out how we can spice up your winter nights.

Fun Is Just A Call Or Email Away

You want to go out and have fun but don't have a partner to do it with. This could lead you to staying home or in your hotel room, browsing the 'net or watching television. Yawn. Not again! Instead, make your winter nights come alive with a sexy partner to bring out. One of our escorts is exactly what is needed. You'll have a partner to take to the clubs, bring out to spend time with you eating at fine restaurants, or routing you on at the craps table. Don't spend your nights alone! Call or email us to set up an appointment for a date with a beautiful woman instead.

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