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Felicia Is A Sucker For A Vegas Show

felicia escorts las vegasAs an escort, I have had so many interesting experiences with my clients. I have been wined and dined, gone out to some of the best nightclubs in the area, and played at most of the casinos Vegas has to offer. With all of these fine opportunities, I found that my absolute favorite is when I have been invited to take in shows. My name is Felicia, and I am an entertainment junkie! If you enjoy going to shows, here is what you'll enjoy with me by your side!

You'll Enjoy My Appearance 

I love dressing up for special events and shows make it possible to do so! With so many types of shows in the area, I always keep a variety of clothing options at my disposal, so I always have something ready to put on when the right date comes along. I'll be the one that makes you look good no matter where we decide to go. I tend to turn to outfits with some shimmer and I add plenty of bling with the accessories I select. Top it all off with a sexy pair of stilettos and you know I'll be turning heads! Don't worry though, my focus is all upon you. After all, you are the one bringing me to the show and I want you to be happy with my companionship!

We'll Have An Interesting Time Together

During any type of show, I tend to cling on to my partner...especially if there is a theme where drama ensues! I get wrapped up in the storyline and I really love having a man by my side to talk to about parts I don't understand. Oh, and by the way, a show doesn't just have to be a play or a concert...it could also be a strip show! I really enjoy seeing women striptease because I do that on the side and like to learn new moves whenever I can. That's another show where I will cling on to my date...and with this type of show, you can touch your date all over and not be reprimanded or deemed as socially unacceptable! That's a win-win for me!

After the Show Is When I Reveal My True Self

I'd love to go back to your place after a show, so we can discuss what we had seen and how we feel about it. This conversation can lead us in any direction depending on our moods. If we saw something sexy, we might want to act out on the scenes we had just experienced. If we need to get our mind off of a show that had disturbing material intertwined within, we can cuddle and kiss for a while. Maybe we saw a fun and comically burlesque show...that'll be sure to put us in the mood for some intimacy after it comes to an end. Let's explore each other's minds and bodies in a private location after our time in the public draws to a close.