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Tabitha The Tease

tabitha fun vegas strippersDo you enjoy being teased? Do you find flirtation exceptionally exciting? If so, a date with me is what you need to book....right away! I'm Tabitha and I have a knack of keeping my guys hanging on, wondering what trick I will pull next. I find that teasing is so sexy and that it leads to great endings. I recently had a date with a client who asked me specifically for teasing. Here is how it went.

I Teased From The Very Start

When my client indicated he would like me to tease him throughout our date, I was kind of surprised. Many guys like teasing, but not to the point that it goes on and on. There's got to be a definite reward waiting to be able to endure that! To each his own though! I knew I'd have to dress up in an outfit made to tease like a champion. How about a short-skirted dress that could be easily moved to the side to show my long legs at every opportunity possible? Maybe even a show of something more? That's perfect. Also a low cut blouse perfect for bending down in front of my client whenever I could. That will work!

I Made Sure To Touch My Client Often

We decided to go out for dinner and then follow our meal with some dancing at a local club. I made sure to touch my client as much as I could while we were out. This made him feel good. Whenever I saw him smile because of my touching though, I'd quickly stop. I wanted him to clamor that touch. I wanted him to beg me for it later. I would start up again in no time though. I touched him with my feet under the table at dinner, being sure to go higher and higher up his legs, so that he had to try his hardest to keep a straight face. I also held him close on the dance floor, but wouldn't let him touch my body at all. That was to be waited for!

The Teasing Came To An End In His Room

When we got back to my client's room, I knew the teasing would have to continue for only a bit longer. I gave him a tantalizing striptease...that was the perfect way to end the whole charade. After that was done, we got down to business. No more teasing was necessary. It was all exploration for both of us. Massage, a bubble bath, and some intense cuddling started it all off. The ending though, I can't even get into how fabulous that was for the both of us. It was a totally real experience without any teasing necessary. We plan on getting together again soon. Neither one of us can wait!