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So What Really Goes On With an Asian Massage?


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If you are considering an Asian massage as your method of relaxation, chances are you've seen and heard about such a massage over the Internet. Of course, if you Google Asian massage, you'll probably see some not for safe work content pop up immediately. On the other hand, you'll also see street corners in distant Thailand with elderly women offering up massage services. So what in the world actually goes on, and what should you expect from such a massage? Here are all your insights into what goes down and why you should book a service.

The Traditional Asian Massage

There is always the pure minded traditionalist who simply assumes an Asian massage is one of the common massage techniques from Asia, such as a Thai or Balinese massage. That isn't exactly what happens here. A Thai massage is more pressure point oriented (and, depending on who gives it, can be downright painful). A Balinese massage is more of a combination, using some pressure point massages while also working more into the tissue. For some, these can be relaxing, but it isn't the kind of Asian massage you'll receive here.

It's Not Straight Out of the Adult Inter Web Either

Of course, if you decide to go on an Internet search, you'll find some pretty filthy things as well. Truth be told, the Asian massage Las Vegas experience probably has more in common with this offering than the Thai massage, but it isn't exactly the same either. Those videos are more visually stimulating for a viewer. You won't be sitting on any odd shaped stool while your escort performs a wrap around on you. That's not exactly what the massage is about. Does sitting on such a stool even look comfortable? We don't think so, which is why we promise it will be far more relaxing.

So What Goes On?

Your Asian massage does have some Asian origins (and is more than just an Asian woman showing up at your hotel door). The NURU massage comes from Japan in which the woman uses a special, water based lubricant that helps her body heat transfer to you, opening up your muscles and softening them up. Due to this, both of you are naked and she will use the weight of her body to work on your body. So, in a way, it is Asian in decent and you do see parts of it in the videos online. However, you'll be in a relaxing position the entire time as she works your body over.

In the case of any extras you want to receive during the massage, that comes down to you and the escort. We're sure the two of you can figure out exactly how the massage should begin, how it should go and how it should end. If there is something you are curious about, feel free to ask her. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right? Just know our girls won't be walking around Vegas, lugging around odd shaped stools with arm holes built into the middle. That really isn't a thing and it isn't something that will happen. What will happen is you'll be completely relaxed and will surely enjoy every minute of your Asian massage.

An Asian massage Las Vegas experience can be one of the most relaxing times you have while in the city. Maybe you want it more on the innocent side, or perhaps you'd like to go a bit more adult with it. Whatever it is, you and your escort will be able to work out the details once the two of you meet up inside of your hotel room. Just make sure to give us a call or email when you know you're ready for a Sin City trip. That way, we can make sure the best girl is booked for your services.