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Vegas is More Conservative Than You Think

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When you think of Las Vegas, you are likely to envision the bright lights and loud sounds associated with the Strip. The glitz and glamour, the excitement of the casinos, restaurants, and bars. Most people know that Las Vegas is a liberal area of the state. There are however some conservative aspects that travelers are unaware about because they focus upon the one area of the city where the action lies.

The City Is Aided By A Conservative Group

Outside of government, the city of Las Vegas is mostly run by Morman groups that live in the outlying areas. They are extremely active in the community and do their part in making their presence known to government officials so their voices can be heard. This religious group is primarily conservative in their beliefs and actions. They do their part in getting out to vote, making an impact on those who are in office roles. Many don't know about this Morman population, thinking the city is mostly led by the businesses that pay so much in taxes to be situated there.

The Strip Is Not The Only Part Of Las Vegas

Most people automatically think about the Strip as being all that Las Vegas has to offer. This is far from the truth. The outlying areas are as conservative as can be compared to the Strip area. People go out into the desert to shoot their guns. There is a large religious population, with several denominations to choose from. Children are involved in scouting and school sports. There is also a huge veteran population in the area. All of these groups tend to sway in the conservative direction.

You Need To Be Smart About Your Dating Choices

In Las Vegas, there are many women that walk along the Strip area in search of someone who wants to pay for her services. This is, however, a risky endeavor, as in the city, hiring someone without a reputable service to back them up could get you in a lot of trouble. Brothels are legal right over the border in Nye County. You would need to travel to get there though. Vegas has plenty of strip clubs to frequent, but the conservative side of the city does not allow you to consume alcohol within them.

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