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Kiki Loves The Beautiful Sin City

Stunning Asian escort like Kiki will make you happy

When it’s time to play in Las Vegas you need to play with me! I’m Kiki and I am one of the hottest Las Vegas escorts for a reason. I am fun. I am playful and I am also sensual. Looking into my beautiful brown eyes is what will start putting you under my spell.

I enjoy doing all the things my guests want to do when they come to Vegas. I love going to see the sites in my beautiful city. I am happy to be the beautiful girl that poses with you for all the pics that you take back home. When it’s time to do more adult things, I’m really happy about that too. I love going to clubs and dancing the night away with a hot man. I love being the center of his attention and he will be the attention of mine too.

For the guests that want a bit of sensual play, I can do that too! I don’t have a problem with you getting close to me. I have a body that most men drool over and it can be all yours for a night. There is nothing that will stop you from patting my ass when we are out in public. If you want to go to a strip club, I wouldn’t stop you. If you want to get a lap dance, leave her with some energy to give me one too. These are the things I love doing with a man and something that I love leaving from with a man.

As one of the premier Las Vegas escorts, I have to end the night with a bang. I give my guests choices when it comes to ending the night with me. Those that want to end the night with me cuddled up, we can do that. Guests that want me to perform for them, I would LOVE to do that too. I can give them my version of a strip tease and lap dance. I can call a hot friend or two over and we can put on an all-girl dance for you. To make it even better, I can get my bag of toys out and I can play with my sexy little toys. That always leaves me shaking with pleasure. When guests don’t know what they want to end the night with, I choose and it’s always good.

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