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Lisa Is Way Fun In Person

This stunning girls, Lisa, will blow you away

Las Vegas is the city to play in and there is nothing stopping you from playing with me right? I know you love looking at my chest. My name is Lisa and I promise I will be good if you let me be the Vegas escort that pleasures you during your time here. I would love the opportunity and I know you will never forget me or Las Vegas when you leave. Actually, I’m sure you will come back more and more just because of me.

You can tell I’m a playful woman but I’m a woman with a mission. My mission is to pleasure you and serve you however I can while you are here. I want to make sure you fall in love with this city just like I did. When you come into the city, I’ll be waiting to do what you want to do. If you want to go hiking, we can hike. I love to get sweaty because that means I can get in the tiniest bikini imaginable and go swimming with you. If you want to go to the casino, we go to the casino. I make a beautiful good luck charm. I know how to blow on the dice and bring luck home.

For those that come to play because they are getting married, I promise you will have more fun than most would have. I don’t just stop at going to traditional night clubs and strip clubs. I bring the fun home with you. If you are good, I will invite a girlfriend or two over so that we can give you a striptease or lap dance in person. I will let you enjoy hot my body gets. There is nothing that will stop me when I have stripped down and I’m focused on pleasing you.

Guests that want the full Las Vegas escort experience should come with some time to spend with me. I don’t rush through what needs to be done because that takes away from the pleasure. We will start with a night of partying then we will go back to your hotel room. When we get there, I will massage you down until you have calmed down from seeing my boobs bounce up and down all night. After the massage, if you still want a show, I will give you one. I never travel without my favorite toys.

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