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Rainy Wants To Be Your Playground

Rainy wants to be naked all the time

Hi! What’s up! My name is Rainy and I’m one of the sin city escorts to look out for. I am here because of you. I am here to make sure your days and your nights in sin city are fun and thrill filled. That is what Las Vegas is all about. That is what everyone who comes to Las Vegas whether on business, for a bachelor or bachelorette party or even on vacation hopes to achieve. There are lots of people who come searching for that fun but they do not get it. And those who do, do not get as much of it as they thought they would. The secret lies in Las Vegas escorts! They make the city tick. The casinos and pool parties are great. But they are even greater whenever you have a beautiful, sexy and wild escort by your side, ready to cater to your every whim and need.

When you are with me, Las Vegas will be your playground. It is not for nothing that I am one of the top Las Vegas escorts. My knowledge of Las Vegas will come in handy whether you are new to Las Vegas or not. I know the hottest places and the coolest hangouts. Whatever thing you’re into, I know just the place you’ll enjoy it best. But as always, I like to either give you a teaser of what’s to come or save the best for last. It depends on how your schedule. The time I get to spend with you is usually the best part of it all. You get to experience firsthand what makes me sought after. And you get to understand why Las Vegas is known as sin city.

I am fun and interesting to be around. But I come alive behind closed doors. That is where I get to show off my hot body. You can see the effects of yoga and working out. You will feel the magic that my hands can do massaging your body. Blessed with lots of energy, I will put you through your paces and being a masseuse extraordinaire, I will replenish that energy. You can also watch me play with myself or if it is a special treat, I can invite one of my friends and together, we can out on a show that you will not forget in a hurry. All this is just a tip of the ice berg. Call me and you will not have to read about the rest. You will enjoy experiencing the rest.

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